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Here are our projects and brands we are taking care in Finland and abroad

Brava Fabrics

Brava fabric is a casual, fairtrade clothing brand from Barcelona, Spain. Clothes are made by organic cotton and produced in Europe. We offer the most creative summer and fall winter collection. If you want to sell and dress up your shop with unique style, this is the Brand you were looking for.



Qualimenti is a marketplace, which is connecting all the best producers of food and wine around Italy from different Regions. We offer all kind of products for small and big restaurants and supermarkets. If you are looking for the very special and prime quality, made in Italy, this is the right choice.


Bandercom is a worldwide company focused on communication systems. We offer radiophones and radiophones base stations on both a short and long term basis for rent and leasing. Whether you need the equipment for a day, a year or something in between, we can find a solution that meets your needs.



Overfront is more than just a socks brand. Proudly made in Italy, Overfront combines coolness, translated in “Be true to yourself and what you believe in”. We offer socks, made to provide you support, comfort and to give you something you can rely on while doing your sport or just walking. This brand is made with ethics, its a product that values its cost. You can also customize and create your own collection for your shop, club or team. What are you waiting for?

Aurora Village

Aurora Village is located in Ivalo, in Northern Finland. No noise, no traffic. Only the wilderness. We offer the possibility to experience the authentic, clean and peaceful Lapland, hundreds kilometers above the Arctic Circle. If you  want to see the northern lights through the aurora glass cabins and challenge yourself with amazing winter activities, this is the place for you.

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